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                01 - 08 July 2023
   Baldovin Ballet Competition  
04 July 2023         
                                                        1ST EDITION


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Master Ballet Education - 2nd Edition - 2023

The event aims to bring together renowned ballet stars and choreographers from both national and international backgrounds, offering a diverse range of engaging educational programs. The Master Ballet Education (MBE) program has been meticulously crafted by esteemed ballet artists and connoisseurs, catering to professional ballet dancers as well as recreational dancers with intermediate or advanced skills in classical, modern, or contemporary dance.

With the collaboration of our expert team of teachers and esteemed guests from Croatia, Germany, Romania, Austria, and Slovenia, we are delighted to present participants with unparalleled opportunities to engage in exceptional dance educational programs and workshops encompassing classical, neoclassical, modern ballet, and contemporary dance genres. Through this range of classes, participants will have the chance to thoroughly expand their artistic experience and knowledge.

The Master Ballet Education initiative comprises six intensive training and workshop days at the Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC) and the Academy of Dramatic Art (ADU). Additionally, it includes a ballet competition designed for students aged 13 – 18, theoretical and educational programs, as well as stage presentations and performances.



At Master Ballet Education, we strive to provide our students with the best ballet education available. We have assembled a team of renowned ballet teachers and pedagogues with years of experience in teaching ballet. Our professional team is committed to helping each student reach their full potential.


We focus on both technique and artistry and offer an extensive curriculum with a variety of classes to suit all levels and ages, and we make sure to provide each of our students with individual attention and support. Our professional team is passionate about teaching and sharing their experience, and our goal is to inspire our students to improve and reach their goals, whether they are beginners or experienced dancers.


Our mission is to provide the best ballet education possible while teaching the ballet art form. We strive to create a safe and loving atmosphere that encourages our students to achieve their highest potential. Join us and discover the beauty of ballet at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb.

About us

Baldovin Ballet Zagreb was founded in 2020 by Iva Vrgoč and George Alexandru Baldovin.

George Alexandru Baldovin is a former ballet dancer in HNK Zagreb, SNG Maribor, European Ballet London, Opera House Bucharest, Opera House Iasi and Opera House Constanta.

During his career, George Alexandru Baldovin had the opportunity to work with the worldwide highest ranked choreographers like Vladimir Malakhov, Nacho Duato, Irek Mukhamedov, Edward Clug, Patrice Bart, Youri Vámos, Leo Mujić, Patrice Bart, Victor Litvinov, Derek Dean, Hans Van Mannen, Milko Šparemblek, Lorca Massine, Joyce Cuoco, Vladimir Derevianko, Pascal Touzeau, Paul Boos (George Balanchine Trust). Currently, as a freelance professional ballet dancer, choreographer, and music composer, he desires to share his knowledge and experience to promote the art of classical ballet.

The goal of Baldovin Ballet Zagreb association is to encourage and share the knowledge of classical ballet artistry, but also to raise awareness of the entire ballet art form through professional and recreational ballet programs and events.

The quality of the dedicated work of Baldovin Ballet Zagreb association was recognized by Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet – USA resulting in Baldovin Ballet Zagreb becoming Fonteyn Academy Associated Program in 2022.



Massimiliano Volpini


Ballet director  - Hnk Ballet Zagreb

Almira .png

Almira Osmanović

National principal dancer, Ballet pedagogue, Choreographer


 Leo Mujić


Choreographer, Ballet pedagogue, Artistic Director at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb


Dinu Tamazlacaru

Principal dancer at Berlin  Opera House

Winner of Prix de Lausanne 


Takuya Sumitomo


Principal dancer at HNK Zagreb


Mihaela Devald Roksandić

Principal dancer & Ballet Mistress


Staša Zurovac



Mirjana Šrot


Ballet Dancer - Pedagogue

Assistant of choreographer Edward Clug


Anton Bogov


National principal dancer,Ballet pedagogue / Assistant choreographer


Ken Ludden


Artistic Director Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet

MASTER  BALLET  EDUCATION                            Info

10+ International artists

Leo Mujić, Almira Osmanović, Anton Bogov, Massimiliano Volpini, Takuya Sumitomo, Staša Zurovac, Dinu Tamazlacaru, Mihaela Devald Roksandić, Mirjana Šrot, Ken Ludden

*Programs and guests are subject to change


Workshops : Classical ballet, Neoclassical Ballet, Modern & Contemporary, Ballet Theory, Audition for scholarship, 


             Stage presentation

              Ballet competition

                  Ballet Theory

3 Ballet studios

Studio 1 Mesnička ulica 5

Studio 2, Ilica 10, ZPC


Studio F22 - Trg Republike Hvratske 5


MASTER  BALLET EDUCATION                Schedule                


 MASTER  BALLET  EDUCATION                               Terms & Conditions

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MASTER  BALLET  EDUCATION     Baldovin Ballet Competition

 MASTER  BALLET  EDUCATION            Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Participants of Master Ballet Education


Welcome to Master Ballet Education 2nd edition! We are thrilled to have you join us for this extraordinary ballet educational event. Before you proceed with your participation, please read and understand the following terms and conditions:


1. Event Dates and Duration:

   a. Master Ballet Education will take place from 1 July 2023 until 8 July 2023.

   b. The event comprises an 8-day program, consisting of a presentation day, 6 days of workshops and the stage presentation day. Workshops include various classical ballet classes, training workshops, classical ballet technique workshops, modern ballet, contemporary workshops, repertoire workshops, and neoclassical workshops.

   c. The event will also include an audition with Mr. Ken Ludden for Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet. (Exclusively for students attending ballet schools/academies)



2. Participant Eligibility:


   a. Professional dancers, recreational dancers with intermediate to advanced knowledge of classical or modern ballet, and students at ballet high schools (minimum 13 years of age with a written parental approval) and ballet academies are eligible to attend.

   b. Participation in the auditions for Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet is restricted to students from ballet schools/academies only.


3. Registration Process:

   a. Participants can register for Master Ballet Education on the event's webpage, , or specifically on the Master Ballet Education page.

   b. Payment can be made by contacting us directly via email at or by phone at +385955000929 to obtain the necessary payment details.


4. Technical Support:

   a. In case of any technical issues hindering the registration process, please contact us via email at or call our support numbers at +385955000929 or +385953114045 for assistance.


5. Media Documentation:

   a. Master Ballet Education will be documented through videos and photos.

   b. A fee of 30 EUR will be charged to provide access to the event's video and photo content.



6. Private Classes and Accommodation:

   a. Private classes with an MBE guest teacher are available based on the availability of studios and teachers.

   b. Master Ballet Education does not provide accommodation nor cover travel expenses, travel insurance, or food expenses.

   c. Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation in Zagreb, and options can be explored through websites like

MASTER  BALLET EDUCATION                        Pricing

Only the full program is available for registration until 19 June 2023.

Starting from 20 June 2023, the 3-day program and the 1-day program will open for registration, subject to availability.

Full membership 

Registration available 

One payment of €350 

Includes 1 days of introduction, information, and classes (free of charge).

6 days of programs


optional participation in the stage presentation and Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet auditions.

*Price for all registered "Baldovin Ballet Zagreb" members is €250

3-day Program

Registration available from


A single payment of 250 EUR  

Participants can choose any 3 days of the event, with optional participation in the stage presentation (subject to availability).

*Price for all registered "Baldovin Ballet Zagreb" members is €200


1-day Program

Registration available from


A single payment of 99 EUR

Participants can choose any program or day of their choice (subject to availability).

*Price for all registered "Baldovin Ballet Zagreb" members is €70

Free attendance

Presentation Day


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MASTER  BALLET  EDUCATION                          Register

Online registration

Select program

Master Ballet Education 
    Organisation Team


George Alexandru Baldovin

• President / Founder of Baldovin  Ballet Zagreb       • Ballet Dancer / Teacher

• Choreographer

• Music Composer 

• Singer

• Freelance Artist


Iva Vrgoč


• Founder of Baldovin Ballet  Ballet Zagreb           • Manager of Baldovin Ballet  Zagreb Associations


George Stanciu


• Principal Dancer 
• Choreographer
• Music Composer 

• Singer
• Artistic Assistant at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb


Martina Batinica

• Public relations at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb 
• Assistant at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb


Martina Mačković

• Event Producer    

• Public relations at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb 


Leo Mujić

• Choreographer
• Ballet Pedagogue
• Artistic Director at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb association

Color logo - 5.jpg

Ivo Šućur

• Legal Adviser at Baldovin Ballet Zagreb


    Working hours  16.00 - 19.00

Previous Guest Artists

malakhov_vladimir_bio - Copy_edited.jpg

Vladimir Malakhov

World Ballet Star

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