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Neoclassical Ballet

Neoclassical ballet developed from classical ballet in the 1920s and evolved throughout the 20th century. It uses advanced techniques of classical ballet to open up new dance ideas. It uses minimalist costumes and sets, with no strict and rigorous structure.

Neoclassical ballet was known as the revival or adaptation of classical ballet and is defined by the abstract movements and new positions outside the classical ballet, and a slightly touch of risque in physicality.

Using traditional ballet vocabulary and techniques resulted in a remarkable, beautiful and virtuous genre of dance, known today as neoclassical ballet


• Neoclassical group classes

We recommend

In order to take neoclassical ballet classes we recommend that you attend the classical ballet first


Improves flexibility

Improves the body posture and alignment

Muscle toning

Strength and Endurance

Gains stamina


Builds confidence and self-discipline

Improves concentration and memory

Reduces mental tension and anxiety

Class contains

• 60 minutes

• Contains mostly neoclassical choreography

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