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          International Summer Intensive   
                      01 July - 09 July 2022
                            First Edition

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In a unique event this summer, Baldovin Ballet Zagreb brings you the excellence of classical, character, modern, contemporary and neoclassical ballet.

Baldovin Ballet Zagreb is proud to announce Master Ballet Education – Summer Intensive 2022 first edition, that will take place from 1 to 9 July 2022. 

The event will gather top international and national ballet stars and choreographers to offer various compelling educational programs.
The MBE program, designed by top ballet artists and connoisseurs, is suitable for professional ballet dancers or recreational dancers with advanced or intermediate skills in classical, modern or contemporary dance..

Together with our Croatian and international guests from USA, Austria and Slovenia, we will offer participants the opportunity to participate in top dance educational programs and workshops of classical, neoclassical, character and modern ballet and contemporary dance. In this way, they will get the opportunity to expand their artistic experience and knowledge.

Master Ballet Education comprises 7 days of intensive training and workshops at the ZPC (Zagreb Dance Center), one day of presentation and educational programs, auditions for the American Ballet Academy Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet and stage presentations.

About Us

Baldovin Ballet Zagreb was founded in 2020 by  George Alexandru Baldovin and Iva Vrgoč.

George Alexandru Baldovin,is a former ballet dancer in HNK Zagreb, SNG Maribor, European Ballet London, Opera House Bucharest, Opera House Iasi and Opera House Constanta.

In the course of his career, G. A. Baldovin had the opportunity to work with the worldwide highest ranked choreographers like Vladimir Malakhov, Nacho Duato, Irek Mukhamedov, Edward Clug, Patrice Bart, Youri Vámos, Leo Mujić, Patrice Bart, Victor Litvinov, Derek Dean, Hans Van Mannen, Milko Šparemblek, Lorca Massine, Joyce Cuoco, Vladimir Derevianko, Pascal Touzeau, Paul Boos (George Balanchine Trust). Currently, as a freelance professional ballet dancer, choreographer and music composer, he desires to share his knowledge and experience to promote the art of classical ballet.

The goal of Baldovin Ballet Zagreb association is to encourage and share the knowledge of classical ballet artistry, but also to raise awareness of the entire ballet art form through professional and recreational ballet programs and events.



• umjetnički direktor baletne akademije Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet
• pisac, pedagog, koreograf i kompozitor
• pokrovitelj, mentor, savjetnik udruge Baldovin Ballet Zagreb

_L8A9489 copy_edited.jpg

• nacionalni prvak baleta
• umjetnik grada Maribora - Slovenija
• baletni pedagog / asistent koreografa


• prvakinja baleta


 Dan Radu Boeru

•učitelj baleta


• koreograf
• baletni pedagog
• umjetnički direktor udruge Baldovin Ballet Zagreb

Stasa ZUROVAC_photo by Matija Ferlin_edited.jpg

• koreograf


• prvak baleta

_L8A9751 copy_edited_edited.jpg

• prvak baleta SNG Maribor
• baletan
• pedagog
• asistent koreografa

• skladatel


• prvak baleta 
• koreograf
• skladatelj / pjevač
• umjetnički asistent udruge Baldovin Ballet Zagreb


• prvak baleta


• nacionalna prvakinja baleta – Hrvatska
• baletna pedagoginja
• koreografkinja



• prvakinja baleta


Kristina Kremzova

•učiteljica baleta


11+ međunarodnih umjetnika

Ken Ludden, Leo Mujić, Sergiu Moga, Almira Osmanović, Anton Bogov, George Stanciu, Guilherme Gameiro Alves, Iva Vitić Gameiro, Takuya Sumitomo, Staša Zurovac, Miruna Miciu *super star gost iznenađenja.

*Programi  i gosti podložni su promjenama. 

Raznovrsni baletni programi

    Radionice – klasični balet i           baletni programi, moderni              balet, karakterni balet,               repertoire, neoklasični balet,                 suvremeni ples

Scenska prezentacija

          Edukacijski programi

          Scenska prezentacija

2 baletna studija 

Studio 1 Mesnička ulica 5

Studio 2 ,Ilica 10, ZPC



                        Pdf  Presentation

                       Terms & Conditions

How to


How do I register?
You can register on our webpage on the Master Ballet Education page.

How do I pay?
You can pay directly on our association‘s account. Contact us via email at or by phone number at +385955000929 for payment details.


In case of cancellation until 30.06.2022, recovered amount is 50% from  the paid  amount. After the date of 30.06.2022 there is no refound.


I've encountered a technical problem which prevented me from applying. What can I do?
Please contact us via email at or at our phone numbers +385955000929 +385953114045

Is it possible to get videos and photos from MBE 2022?

Yes, all the event will be documented. We have to charge a small fee for all video and photos in the amount of 25 euros.

Do you offer accommodation?

No, we do not provide accommodation and we do not cover travel expenses, travel insurance or food expenses.

How to apply for accommodation in Zagreb?
Simply by checking

Who can participate?
Professional dancers, recreational dancers with basic or advanced knowledge of classic or modern ballet, students of ballet high schools (minimum 15 years of age, with written parents approval), students of ballet academies. In auditions for Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet only students from ballet schools/academies can participate.

When is the deadline date to register?
We don't have a registration deadline, but we do recommend you register in time as the availability is limited.

Baldovin Ballet Zagreb

Full terms & conditions



                               Price list

Note : Only full program is available for registrations until 23/06/2022 3-day program and 1-day program will be open for  registration from 23/06/2022 and will be subject to availability.

Potpuni program

Prijava moguća 

Jednokratna uplata od 420 eura

1 dan (besplatno) – uvod, informacije 

+6 dana programa od 16.00 do 21.00 h (ili do 22.00 h)

+ 1 dan potpunog programa – od 10.00 h do 14.00 h te od 16.00 h do 22.00 h.

+Scenska prezentacija 

Trodnevni program

Prijava moguća od

    23. lipnja 2022.

Jednokratna uplata od 250 eura  

1 dan (besplatno) – uvod i informacije.

+3 dana prema odabiru od 16.00 h do 21.00 h

(ili do 22.00)

(Program 6. srpnja na izbor, jutarnji od 10 do 14 sati ili večernji od 16.00 h do 22.00 h )  

  +Sudjelovanje u scenskoj prezentaciji  je opcionalno

Jednodnevni program    

Prijava moguća od 23. lipnja 2022.
   90 eura/dan

 1 dan (besplatno) – uvod i informacije.

  Bilo koji dan po izboru od 10.00 h do 14.00 h te od 16.00 h do 22.00 h u ZPC-u

+Sudjelovanje u scenskoj prezentaciji  je opcionalno

Besplatni Program



1 dan (besplatno) – uvod, informacije 


Online Registration

Izaberite program

Our Guest Artists

malakhov_vladimir_bio - Copy_edited.jpg

Vladimir Malakhov

World Ballet Star

Stasa ZUROVAC_photo by Matija Ferlin_edited.jpg

 Staša Zurovac 

 Staša Zurovac
• Choreographer 


Leo Mujić

• Choreographer
• Ballet Pedagogue
• Artistic Director at Baldovin Ballet Zagre


Kenneth Ludden

Artistic Director  Margot Fonteyn Academy of Ballet


Almira Osmanović 

National Principal Dancer

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