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Female Dancer

Power Ballet

Power ballet program is a workout combining several body training disciplines, including ballet, fitness, pilates, yoga and aerobic, specially designed to train the muscle memory while focusing on core strength, flexibility, posture, endurance and correct weight placement. By developing better dynamics of the body and uniformed, lean muscles, the programs prepares you to execute the ballet class or any other programs in more efficient and correct way which is essential to get positive and maximum results.

We recommend that you combine Power Ballet workouts with your regular ballet classes. The program is created by Eugen Dobrescu.


• Power Ballet group classes

• Private Power Ballet classes

Class contains

• 60 minuta

• Standing warm-uppoložaju

• Floor stretching

• Aerobic and fitness exercises

• Floor-barre (barre à terre)

• Pilates and ballet training elements


Improves flexibility

Improves the body posture and alignment

Muscle toning

Strength and Endurance

Gains stamina


Builds confidence and self-discipline

Improves concentration and memory

Reduces mental tension and anxiety

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