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George Alexandru Baldovin

George Baldovin was born in Iasi, Romania, to a family of artists. With the help of his brother, Jul Baldovin, he was introduced into world of music. He started to play guitar-vocal in a variety of genres, including pop,folk,country,blues,j azz. At the age of 12 he began ballet school "Octav Bancila" Iasi while still continuing with his music.

He and his brother started a band called"Baldwin Brothers”. Their band won awards and concerts in Romania and abroad .

George began his professional career as a ballet dancer at early age, first in Opera House Iasi and Opera House Constanta. Soon after he joined the Opera House Maribor-Slovenia, under direction of Eduard Clug, In 2007 he moved to London to join European Ballet London. He performed with HNK Zagreb first in 2008 and then again in 2010, where he stayed for almost ten years. Throughout his ballet career he performed demi-soloist and soloist roles in all the major classical ballets as well as in modern ballets.

In parallel with his ballet career, he composed instrumental-electronic music for modern and contemporary ballets, for media, and has collaborated with different musical artists.

Worked with

Vladimir Malakhov, Nacho Duato, Patrice Bart, Derek Dean, Joyce Cuoco,  

Eduard Clug, Leo Mujic, Youri Vamos, Van Mannen, Irek Muchamedov

Stasa Zurovac, Dinko Bogdanic, Lorca Massine, Martin Muller, Rui Lopez,  

Valeri Koftun, Victor Litvinov, Paul Liburn, Pascal Tozeau, Jocelyn Alizart,

Gheorge Iancu, Paul Lewis, Martin Lindinger,Giorgio Madia,Ugo Ranierri,

Raffaella Renzi, Monique Andeoletti, Vladimir Derevianko, Hugo Viera,

Uwe Schröter, Ronald Savkovic, Gheorge Stanciu, Maria Palmieri,

Ion Tugearu, Giovanni DiPalma, Oleg Danovski jr, Aleksandr Lukjanov,

Claudio Bernardo, Milko Sparemblek, Iraida Lukasova, Marin Turcu,Michael McClain, Mark McClain, Mihai Motovilov, Galina Dimitrieva,

Andrew Grenwood, Botir Ohundarjev, Ilia Louwen, Cristi Craciun,

Mihai Babusca, Vasile Solomon, Pavel Rotaru, Alexander Monachov,

Ilir Kerni, Mark Silver, Mark Boerman, Christine Ceconello.

Awards ballet&music

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• Freelancer

• Founder of Baldovin Ballet Zagreb

• Ballet dancer collaborator Kazalište Komedija • Zagreb

• Ballet guest teacher at modern dance school "Ana Maletic" • Zagreb

• Music composer •Singer

• Member of HDPBU since 2010

Professional experience

• Opera House Iasi, Romania

• Opera House Constanta, Romania

• Opera House S.N.G Maribor, Slovenia

• European Ballet, London, U.K.

• Opera House Bucharest, Romania

• Opera House H.N.K Zagreb, Croatia


• Art Academy "Octav Bancila "  

Iasi -Romania


3rd on National Ballet Competition • Galati

Grand prize at music festival “Mesterul Manole”Pitesti-Romania-1996

Grand prize at music festival “Clepsidra iernii”-Zalau-Romania-1998

Grand prize at music festival “Anonimul”-Sf. Gheorge-Romania-2006

Grand prize at music festival “Voci tinere”-Caracal-Romania-2006

1st prize at music festival “Floare de ger”-Calafat-Romania-1996

1st prize at music festival “Portative Folk”-Iasi-Romania-1996

1st prize at music festival “Portative Folk”-Iasi-Romania-1997

1st prize at music festival “Portative Folk”-Iasi-Romania-1998

3rd prize at music festival “Floare de ger”-Calafat-Romania-1998

"Intro" collaboration with Eugen Mihai

Dobrescu,Umag-Croatia 2018  

Assistant choreographer

"Would you like to be modified" by Simona Unterajter in HNK Zagreb

"Drakula"  by Simona Unterajter in 

HNK Zagreb

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