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Leaping Dancer

Modern Ballet

Modern ballet is genre of dance which developed in the early 20th century as a new way of expression, a more free and natural one, as opposed to the traditional, highly technical classical ballet.

Being focused on spontaneity and self expression, the classes can develop your creative thinking by allowing you to have more freedom in the movement and to obtain better physical and emotional awareness.

This class might contain classical ballet vocabulary combined with different elements and it can be more accessible for dancers without many restrictions in choreography or improvisation.


• Modern ballet group classes

• Private modern ballet classes

We recommend

In order to take modern ballet classes we recommend that you to attend the classical ballet first


Improves flexibility

Improves the body posture and alignment

Muscle toning

Strength and Endurance

Gains stamina


Builds confidence and self-discipline

Improves concentration and memory

Reduces mental tension and anxiety

Class contains

• 60 minutes

• Contains mostly modern ballet choreography

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