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Modern Style Dancer


Contemporary dance emerged in the mid 20th century. It is a genre of dance which combines several styles and is influenced by both classical and modern ballet. It is considered a very expressive and dynamic form of dance. It incorporates fluidity of movement, focus on the floor work, bouncing, falls, and using gravity.

Because it is not so rigid in rules, contemporary dance is very accessible, has a great range of movement and can be performed to any style of music. Unlike other conventional dance styles, it is freer and offers the possibility to explore the creativity of a dancer.


• Contemporary dance group classes

Class contains

• 60 minutes

• Contains mostly contemporary choreography 


Improves flexibility

Improves the body posture and alignment

Muscle toning

Strength and Endurance

Gains stamina


Builds confidence and self-discipline

Improves concentration and memory

Reduces mental tension and anxiety

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