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Ballet Dancers

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is recognized as the foundation of all styles of dance and is known for graceful movement, long body lines and complex technique.

Recreational adult ballet works on the same principles and theories, but is adjusted and designed for this group. It allows the students to work in their own tempo in a relaxed environment.

The focus of recreational ballet is to develop a great awareness of the art of ballet, to refine the quality of the body, gain strength and flexibility, and to improve coordination and body posture without having any pressure of exams or performances.


Ballet Basics - basic level

Classical Ballet A - intermediate level

• Classical Ballet B - advanced level

• Ballet group classes

• Private classes

Class contains

• 60 - 75  minutes

• Warm-up, Floor work, Barre

• Exercises on the middle

• Jumps


Improves flexibility

Improves the body posture and alignment

Muscle toning

Strength and Endurance

Gains stamina


Builds confidence and self-discipline

Improves concentration and memory

Reduces mental tension and anxiety

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